Private Jet CHARTER

A government issued identification is required for domestic travel. Passports are required for international destinations.

Luggage space will vary depending on the aircraft make and model. Your agent will inform you on capacity based on your selection.

Passenger names, birth dates and sometimes passenger weights.

Under certain FAA regulations, some items may not be allowed to travel on board with you. It is important for you to disclose to your agent any item you are unsure of such as: weapons, chemicals, livestock, etc…

Your name and date of birth will be run through the TSA database to ensure you are not on a no fly list.

WiFi options are available on most aircrafts. Inform your agent if this is a requirement.

Most aircraft are stocked with bottled water, soft drinks, complimentary alcohol and standard snacks. Catering options and/or special requests are available and can be arranged with your agent.

Music, video and map navigations are available on select aircraft.

Pilots will always be on board to accommodate your flight. Cabin attendants can be provided upon request. However, if you charter a Mid-Size Jet or larger, a cabin attendant may already be included.

Price can range depending on onboard amenities, repositioning costs and various other factors.

When traveling international, we can assist with customs and immigration within our private jet charter service limitations. Speak with your agent in regard to the specific country you want to fly into on a private jet.

Contact your agent and provide the number of passengers, destinations and dates. Your agent will provide the best available options for your group size.

Providing your agent with as much advance notice as possible will allow us to offer more cost effective options to you. However, on-demand charter is available and we can often accommodate flights with a four hour notice.

The main difference between the categories of jets is passenger seats, cabin size, range, and luggage capacity: Light jets: Passengers Seats: Up to 8

Light jets: Passengers Seats: Up to 8
  Average Cabin Dimensions: Length: 15ft. Width: 4.5ft. Height: 4.8ft.
  Average Range: 3.5 hours
  Average Luggage Capacity: 25ft³ or 6-8 carry-ons
Midsize jets: Passengers Seats: Up to 10
  Average Cabin Dimensions: Length: 19ft. Width: 5.5ft. Height: 5.8ft.
  Average Range: 5 hours
  Average Luggage Capacity: 100ft³ or 12-14 carry-ons
Heavy jets: Passengers Seats: Up to 16
  Average Cabin Dimensions: Length: 35ft. Width: 7.5ft. Height: 6ft.
  Average Range: 7 hours
  Average Luggage Capacity: 150ft³ or 15-20 carry-ons

Private Jet Management

We work with a network of hangar owners to secure space for your aircraft whether it is a temporary or permanent stay. We can also help you arrange shared hangar space if you prefer.

We can assist with hiring dedicated or temporary personnel to help provide any FAA certifications and inspections specific to your aircraft make and model.

Pilots and crew can be sourced for your specific aircraft. Contact us to review your requirements, and we will help find the perfect match.

Training requirements are specific to each make and model of aircraft. We verify all endorsements and have an internal process to help identify the best team for your aircraft.

All pilots are equipped with the right tools and equipment to identify flight paths and weather patterns.

Our operations team follows you from the ground to air during your flight. We do our best to stay ahead of potential flight interruptions to help minimize delays. In the event of an unforeseen flight interruption, our operations team goes into “Recovery Mode”. We immediately connect with our network of private jet charter aviation professionals to find you the best solution. We will never leave you stranded.


Purchasing a private jet depends on your travel needs, lifestyle and budget. Some questions to contemplate: How do I plan to use my own private aircraft? Can I afford the expense of maintaining the private aircraft? Is there a way to generate revenue for me? Many factors need to be considered and we suggest setting up a call with one of our professionals to answer your questions and help you navigate the process of jet ownership.

There are alternatives to outright ownership. Some options include: fractional ownership, aircraft leasing, jet cards and more. Our professionals can help you analyze your travel lifestyle and identify what will work best for you.

Depends on the comfort and abilities you want your aircraft to meet. Not all aircraft are built equally. Keep this in mind when considering which aircraft to purchase. While cabin size is important for comfort, performance is a major factor if you plan to fly into high altitude airports or long distance flights.

Maintenance and repair costs depend on the size, make and model of the aircraft and if the aircraft is under warranty. Once a jet is out of warranty, maintenance fees will be paid out of the owner’s pocket. The cost of planned and unplanned maintenance can be hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars annually. We can provide estimated yearly maintenance costs for each make and model you are considering.

Depending on how you plan to operate your aircraft you will need staff on a part time, full time, or as-needed basis. Hangar 7 Aviation can provide you with pilot and crew services. We screen and interview candidates on your behalf to match you with the right staff.

Every aircraft comes with its own set of inspections based on the manufacturer’s recommendations. A certificate of airworthiness is required to operate your aircraft in the US. If you plan to operate your aircraft for private use and for hire to generate revenue when not using your aircraft, then you must obtain a FAA Part 135 Certificate.


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