Private Aircraft Management

Private aircraft hangars, staffing, and professional care.


Aircraft Management Services

Owning a private jet or helicopter requires a suite of services that should only be entrusted to the most capable and knowledgeable experts.

Hiring aircraft maintenance companies or contractors individually to care for each aspect of your private aircraft is of critical importance and can be overwhelming. Instead, let Hangar 7 Aviation become your singular solution for all of your private aircraft care needs.

Private Aircraft Hangars

Access our network of private hangars to secure space for your aircraft. We offer options for temporary, permanent, and even shared hangar space. Selecting the right hangar is key.

We will help you:
  • Select the right personnel
  • Obtain the proper equipment
  • Set operational procedures
  • Save on insurance costs
  • Prevent hangar accidents
  • Safely guard your investment

Need hangar space or want our opinion on your current hangar?



Pilot & Crew Staffing

Not every pilot is authorized to fly every plane. It is important that your pilot or cabin attendant has the proper training, certifications, endorsements and meets minimum qualifications for your specific aircraft. We provide assistance with hiring dedicated or temporary personnel.

Contact us to review your specific requirements and we will help you find the perfect match.


Private jet ownership comes with multiple ways to operate your aircraft. Understanding the method of operations that will best suit your needs and aircraft must be determined before your first flight. Defining the correct method of operation can not only ensure safety and reliability but will also help you avoid any FAA and or IRS penalties.

If you simply want to utilize your aircraft for private air transportation or if you wish to generate revenue when you are not using the aircraft, we can help you understand the different requirements, liabilities, and benefits. Contact us today and let’s start a conversation.



Aircraft Maintenance

Private aircraft maintenance is tailored to your specific aircraft make and model to ensure peak condition and performance. The importance of hiring the right Aviation Maintenance Professional (AMP) is a major task on its own. Identifying the best maintenance tracking program for your aircraft should not be left up to chance.

We will help you:
  • Ensure OEM and FAA compliance
  • Enhance the pedigree of your plane
  • Protect the resale value of your aircraft

Above all, a well-maintained aircraft ensures peace of mind. Ask us how we can connect you with our trusted extensive network of reliable maintenance service providers in your area.

Aircraft Detailing & Care

Aircraft detailing services ensure that each time you step aboard your luxury aircraft it feels like the very first time. Detailing the inside and exterior of your aircraft is not only for presentation and comfort, but keeps the integrity of the aircraft’s cosmetics.

A well-maintained exterior provides the protection needed to prevent body and paint corrosion due to the elements. Interior maintenance can reduce the effects of normal wear and tear and swiftly resolve any major damages. In today’s world, cabin sanitation is especially important if you charter out your aircraft.

Our team will help provide you with the best plan to care for your aircraft.


And Beyond

Our team has decades of experience in aviation operations, risk management, and safety evaluations. We will customize our services to provide you with the highest quality aircraft care, ground services, and more. Contact us today for all your aircraft management services.

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